“glow. swelter without shame.” -nayyirahwaheed

"Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t magic. Adorn your hair with stars and laugh in their face"

Woctober Fest: Storm

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Lol, my fave came to visit me at work. #HasYourFaveEver ?! #OroroMunroe


i think i just realized that steven’s are the only clothes in his household that aren’t magic and get dirty and need to be washed so the gems got him a human washing machine for his human clothes so he can go up on the arm of this divine and ancient monument and sit in her palm and wash his clothes 

this is so silly and cute and sad and perfect i love this show

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Happy Monday, love! ripopentheuniverse


happy monday everyone! everyone happy monday! happy day!

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the real spooky things


White Guilt in a nutshell…

Is that soda going to diminish the amount of anti-black racism The United States carries?

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the prettiest tea in my collection ♥ post here


these puppies believe in you, and you should too


im about to start working as a grader and one of the rules is to not give a 69 on a test. my directions say to look at it again to see where i can give partial credit or take points away because a 68 or 70 would be fine. this is incredible